Neighborhood History

The History of Evergreen

Dan Dolan had a vision. He longed to create a development that embraced nature while offering homeowners the chance to claim a piece of this lovely former Christmas tree farm. In 1977, Dan’s vision was on its way to becoming a reality, as Evergreen was opened for development.

This 275- acre community is surrounded by trees of all kinds including spruce, pine and tamarack. Deer and wildfowl roam freely because the natural habitat was purposefully left undisturbed. Parks, lakes and playgrounds continue to enhance the unspoiled natural beauty of this unmatched development.

Built with Nature in Mind

Evergreen is a tranquil oasis that is ideally located within walking distance of many fantastic shops and restaurants. Located near the northwest corner of Radio Drive and Valley Creek Road, this neighborhood is a hidden gem of beauty and balance.

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