Tamarack Nature Preserve

A Natural Treasure in Our Backyard

It may take time for Evergreen residents to discover that in addition to our neighborhood’s enviable proximity to convenient transportation and commercial infrastructure, we are also adjacent to a very special wilderness area called the Tamarack Nature Preserve. Located to the southwest of the Evergreen development, this natural asset adds value to our residential properties, setting it apart from other neighborhoods in the area and emphasizing the “wood in Woodbury.”

In addition to its beauty, the Preserve provides habitat to the southernmost stand of tamarack trees in the state of Minnesota, as well as to hundreds of species of native flora and fauna. Trails throughout this 169-acre ecosystem, managed by the City of Woodbury, allow visitors to experience the calm beauty of nature, offering year-round views of hardwood and boreal forests as well as a rich fen (much like a bog) whose waters flow to the mighty Mississippi River.

On a winter evening after a snowfall, you may be the first to find tracks of rabbits, coyotes or deer on the trail. Or imagine a bright spring morning on the boardwalks, where the first migrating songbirds make their way north to our marshy wetland and the tamarack trees sprout their soft green needles. Summer brings the colorful blossoms of marsh marigolds, marsh calla lilies, broadleaf arrowheads and swamp milkweed, along with buzzing insect pollinators. And a fall afternoon will reveal a glow over the surrounding woodland of yellows, reds and oranges. All of this is within reach of Evergreen residents, with three main access points along Tamberwood Trail.

To learn more about this beautiful wilderness in the heart of Woodbury, visit www.tamaracknaturepreserve.org and contribute your own observations of nature in the free-to-download iNaturalist app that is linked to the site.

See you on the trail!

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