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Improvement Requests

The ARC will examine and approve all plans and specifications for new construction or property improvements. Property improvements will be evaluated based upon compliance with the Covenants and the appearance and aesthetic impact to the neighborhood. Ordinary property maintenance does not require the approval of the ARC, if that maintenance does not substantially alter the appearance of the property.

Any resident who wishes to make an exterior modification(s) to their residence or lot (examples include but are not limited to exterior additions, repainting, playsets, basketball hoops, swimming pools, fences, tree plantings, mulch and flower beds, etc.), should review the governing documents and then follow these procedures:

Notify the ARC of the proposed modification (s), in writing at least 30 days prior to the anticipated start of the work.

The applicant has two ways to submit a application for improvement:

  1. For simple situations where no supporting documentation is required, the applicant can submit an electronic version of the request form.
  • Application for Home Improvement

    Application for Home Improvement

    Please use this form when submitting to the ARC for approval of home and yard changes and additions.

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  1. For situations where maps, diagrams, etc. are required, the applicant can print a paper copy of the request form, fill it in completely, and return it along with appropriate plans, photos, color chips, etc. to:

Evergreen Association ARC
PO. Box 25603
Woodbury, MN 55125

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