Overview of the Evergreen Community Association committees

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  • Architecture Committee

    The charter of the Architecture Review Committee (ARC) is defined in the Evergreen Association (Association) Bylaws. The Bylaws state that the ARC “shall be responsible for interpreting and enforcing the Restrictive Covenants applicable to all Lots and, in the event of violations thereof, to work with such Lot Owners to correct such violations…”

    The Protective Covenants (Covenants) state that the ARC shall “be composed of Lot Owners appointed by the Board of Directors of the Association and shall have the authority to interpret the covenants, approve or disapprove applications, or grant exceptions as the committee deems appropriate.”

    The ARC consists of eight members; two Association board members and six Lot Owners.

    As stated above, the ARC’s primary responsibility is to interpret and enforce the Covenants. From a practical point of view this really consists of two functions; handling complaints of Covenant violations and approving plans and specifications for all new construction or property improvement.

    Covenant Violations

    Generally speaking, the ARC can only takes action based upon the request of a homeowner or the Association Board of Directors. However, the ARC can take independent action against a homeowner or group of homeowners to enforce a specific covenant, e.g. mailbox standard.

    When a homeowner makes a complaint, an ARC member will contact the issuing party for background information. The request will then be reviewed to determine if there is a valid Covenant violation. If the ARC agrees with the request, the homeowner that is violating the covenants will be contacted for remedy.

    Some items worth noting regarding Covenant violations are:

    • ARC cannot accept an anonymous request.
    • The ARC will make every attempt to maintain the confidentiality of all requests.
    • In 1999, Evergreen homeowners voted to consolidate 14 different Evergreen covenants into a single set. As a result, something that was allowed under one of the original 14 covenants may no longer allowed in the consolidated set.

    Improvement Request

    The ARC will examine and approve all plans and specifications for new construction or property improvements. Property improvements will be evaluated based upon compliance with the Covenants and the appearance and aesthetic impact to the neighborhood. Ordinary property maintenance does not require the approval of the ARC, if that maintenance does not substantially alter the appearance of the property. Any resident who wishes to make an exterior modification(s) to their residence or lot (examples include but are not limited to exterior additions, repainting, playsets, basketball hoops, swimming pools, fences, tree plantings, mulch and flower beds, etc.), should review the governing documents and then follow these procedures:

    Notify the ARC of the proposed modification(s), in writing at least 45 days prior to the anticipated start of the work.

    The applicant has two ways to submit a application for improvement:

    For simple situations where no supporting documentation is required, the applicant can submit an electronic version of the request form.

    For situations where maps, diagrams, etc. are required, the applicant can print a paper copy of the request form, fill it in completely, and return it along with appropriate plans, photos, color chips, etc. to:

    Evergreen Association ARC
    PO. Box 25603
    Woodbury, MN 55125

  • Civic Committee

    The Civic committee works closely with city and county offices to monitor plans and programs that may impact the value or character of the Evergreen neighborhood or the areas surrounding Evergreen. It advises the Board of Directors of such activities and makes recommends action to the Board in regards to those city or county government activities.

  • Communications Committee

    The Communications committee works with the Board of Directors, Association officers, and committees to communicate information on issues of importance to the Members. The committee is responsible for notifying Members of scheduled meetings as provided for in these Bylaws. The committee publishes and distributed the Evergreen Directory.

  • Maintenance Committee

    The Maintenance committee is responsible for the maintenance, repair, or improvement of any common areas in Evergreen.

  • Nominating Committee

    The Nominating committee has the responsibility to make nominations for election to the Board of Directors of the Association as described in Article V of the Bylaws.

  • Safety Committee

    The Safety committee has the responsibility to watch for unsafe or potentially dangerous conditions or situations in and around the Evergreen neighborhood. The safety committee will develop programs and activities to raise the awareness among Members of such situations and make recommendations to the Board regarding actions to be taken to reduce or eliminate such unsafe conditions. 

  • Social Committee

    The Social committee is responsible for the development of programs and activities designed to promote a harmonious community atmosphere.